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Very serious about incurable diseases

Pancreatic cancers, stomach cancers, triple-negative breast tumors, aggressive blood cancers, brain metastases, HIV... to beat incurable diseases, Diaccurate is exploring the new frontiers of oncology and immunology in search of daring novel therapeutic approaches able to save lives. Now in the clinic, the French biotech is currently developing three proprietary sole-in-class drug candidates with novel mechanisms of action across 7 development programs:

Co-founded by Truffle Capital, Diaccurate has forged alliances with leaders in academia and industry, including Pasteur Institute, Paoli-Calmettes Institute and now Merck KGaA. It relies on a high-level management team led by Dr. Dominique Bridon and a world-class Scientific Advisory Board chaired by Prof. Tasuku Honjo, recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Medicine.


Breaking the impasse with “sole-in-class" drug candidates

In 2019, 17 people died every minute from cancer [1]. However, if the battle is far from won, oncology R&D is accelerating and now two out of three patients live at least five years after being diagnosed. Obviously, there is much more to do, firstly by tackling incurable solid tumors and blood cancers as well as brain metastases.

To meet this ultimate challenge and establish itself in the highly competitive market of oncology, Diaccurate relies on 4 pillars:

  1. Unique approach: since its creation, the company explores the new frontiers of oncology and immunology in search of new therapeutic approaches able to save lives.  These “sole-in-class” drug candidates target molecular circuits and compartments involved in aggressive and resistant cancers (the PAM pathway, the motor protein KIF20A, the Golgi apparatus) or modulate an immune cell population pretty untapped (CD4 T cells).
  2. Disruptive science supported by world-class Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by Prof. Tasuku HONJO, recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Medicine, and academic and industrial network of excellence.
  3. Specialist in translational medicine which focuses its resources on the high value-added sequence ranging from target sourcing to clinical proof of concept of drug candidate.
  4. Highly qualified leadership: management team and “entrepreneur-investor” who already did it!

From this “creative bubble”, Diaccurate intends to deliver the next blockbuster drugs that will change the destiny of millions of cancer patients in “therapeutic impasse”

[1] Globocan 2020, Global Cancer Observatory


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