Jacques Thèze
MD, PhD, Scientific founder

Jacques Thèze is one of the leading researchers in the fields of CD4 biology and HIV infection. He has authored over 250 scientific and medical publications, discovered the blood molecular engine of CD4 immunodeficiency and co-founded Diaccurate. Former Professor and Head of the Human Immunology Department at the Pasteur Institute in Paris and Hospital Practitioner at the Marseille Public University Hospital System, Jacques Thèze was Chairman of the INSERM Immunology Commission and Managing Director of the Pasteur Institute in Lyon. He was also scientific advisor for the World Health Organization (new vaccine program) and Sanofi (cytokines and immunotherapy program). A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Bordeaux, Jacques Thèze trained as an immunologist and virologist at the Pasteur Institute. He received his PhD in the Molecular Biology Department of François Jacob and Jacques Monod, Nobel Prize winners in Physiology or Medicine in 1965, and did his post-doctoral research at Harvard Medical School in the Research Department of Baruj Benaceeraf, Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine in 1981. Jacques Thèze is a corresponding member of the French National Academy of Medicine.