A first phase I/II clinical trial by 2021

The Company has 3 ongoing proprietary programs of “sole-in-class” immunotherapy antibodies in infectious diseases and cancer. The first-in-man of anti-PLA2G1B drug candidate DIACC 1010 in HIV is planned by 2021.


DIACC 1010: “sole-in-class” anti-PLA2G1B neutralizing antibody in HIV

DIACC 1010 is a sole-in-class anti-PLA2G1B humanized neutralizing antibody designed for the treatment of HIV patients. By blocking the molecular mechanism leading to CD4 anergy and CD4 lymphopenia, DIACC 1010 intends to restore the CD4 T-cells’ antiviral capability.

In HIV, the humanized neutralizing antibody DIACC 1010 prevents or restores CD4 anergy induced by PLA2G1B (phospholipase A2 group 1B). 

To date, HIV has infected more than 75 million people worldwide and 36.9 million people are now living with the virus. From a clinical perspective, combined antiretroviral therapy (ART) has transformed HIV infection from a fatal to a manageable chronic disease. However, the treatment is not curative: if drugs are stopped, the virus almost invariably rebounds within week and the patients on ART suffer for metabolic disorders, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. In this context, the clinicians are looking for a game-changing therapy that could eradicate the virus or promote a durable immune control of HIV (like what happens naturally in HIV controller patients).


Advancement status and clinical development plan


DIACCURATE has established the preclinical proof-of-concept of DIACC 1010 and confirmed its favorable safety profile in non-human primate study. In the light of these encouraging data, the company will initiate a phase I-IIa multicenter trial in ART naïve patients in 2021.

Trans CD4 immunotherapy in cancer and sepsis

DIACCURATE is conducting 2 proprietary development programs in infectious disease and cancer indications with partial or total CD4 immunodeficiency.


Recently, DIACCURATE has identified that a HIV cofactor potentiates PLA2GIB activity at the surface of CD4 lymphocytes and discovered that the same mechanism could be involved in CD4 anergy and CD4 lymphopenia commonly associated with sepsis and tumor progression. Based on this discovery, DIACCURATE has launched a trans CD4 immunotherapy platform to accelerate the identification and validation of new cofactors blocking CD4 function beyond HIV.


Advancement status


Today, the trans CD4 immunotherapy platform has led to 2 development programs in solid tumors and sepsis. Part of these works are done in collaboration with scientists from the Greater Paris University Hospitals (AP-HP).


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